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Chiggy’s Skateboarding is operating full time on the Sunshine Coast and offers lessons within schools and skate parks, birthday parties, day tours, camps, events and much more. We work with a crew of professional coaches, skateboarders photographers and videographers. Chiggy’s Skateboarding aims to provide the ultimate skateboarding experience in a fun, safe and friendly environment for all ages, abilities and styles.

You will always benefit from our supportive instructions. We strive for all participants to learn new tricks and encourage each other as well as build confidence and skill.




Mat Chigwidden is the proud and passionate owner and operator of Chiggy’s Skateboarding. He is a professional skateboard coach and has been operating Chiggy’s Skateboarding since 2013.


what They’re Saying

Student & Parent Testimonials

Lukas has been training with Chiggy now for a couple of years and has worked his way up to the Advanced class.

Chiggy makes the lessons really fun & is great with all the kids.

He challenges them to learn a new trick each week & is really encouraging. 

Also the day Tours & Camps are epic!!

Paul & Ange Byers

Our son first met Chiggy on one of his Skate camps a few years back.  He had the best time and learnt so much and so many new friends, this was also where his love for skateboarding grew even more.  Chiggy is someone who our son definitely looks up to and I love that he always has the time and patience with the kids no matter their age and pushes and encourages them when they need it.  I would definitely recommend any of Chiggy’s day tours, skate camps  and skate lessons to anyone who has a child that is wanting to get into skateboarding or even progress to the next level.

Serena Collins

Between my two eldest boys we have been doing lessons with chiggy for about 2 years. They absolutely love him and look forward to their lessons every week. He has always provided such a positive and safe space for them to further their skills, make friends and most importantly HAVE FUN!! I’m amazed at how quickly the boys have gained new skills and confidence with his positive encouragement.

Chiggy, you have a wonderful way of teaching and we will continue to support your business!

Leah Potma

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