Micro Groms, Mixed, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skateboard lessons are available at various skate parks on the Sunshine Coast from Monday to Friday during the school term only.

Mat Chigwidden will facilitate the weekly lessons, catering for up to 8 participants per class. The lessons include one on one and group style coaching as well as demonstrations. 

Unsure which program to book?

Micro Groms / For kids aged 2 – 5 yrs only
Beginners / For kids aged 5 – 16 yrs of who are learning or still wanting to learn the basics such as the ollie, pushing, turning and dropping in.
Intermediate / For kids aged 5 – 16 yrs that are able to do the basics already and are wanting to grind, slide, flip and air.
Advanced / For kids aged 5 – 16 yrs that are able to flip their board, grind, slide and air but are wanting to learn more advanced tricks.
Mixed / For all kids 5 – 16 yrs and all skill levels.

Skateboards and helmets provided if needed.

Skaters gain confidence, skill, determination and self-satisfaction while skating in a safe environment.


Chiggy’s Skateboarding offers school based programs, lessons, games and demonstrations during school hours  on school grounds or local skate parks.

We can set up a session in 5 minuites and can teach up to 15 participants per class.

Skateboards, helmets and protective gear are provided.



 Private one on one sessions are available at various skate parks across Sunshine Coast and are tailored to all skill levels and styles. Contact us today to organise a customised lesson or see the available private session times in the Program Guide under the lessons tab.

what They’re Saying


Our son started having private lessons with Chiggy when he first started his business, he started off as a beginner and became such a confident skater in a short amount of time.
He loved the after school program and went on many fun Chiggy camps.

Chiggys expertise in both Vert and Street skating means your children will be able to develop all the skills to become a confident skater.

Chiggy’s vivacious personality will always leave your kids wanting more, there needs to be more Chiggy’s in the world.


The Currie’s

Awesome! Loads of fun! The best of the best!

We’ve known Chiggy for about four years and he has all our boys for skate lessons each week and the kids have attended a number of Chig Farm camps and day tours; and the boys have loved every single minute of it!

What can we say? Chiggy is a natural with the kids, he is an outstanding skate coach, he builds a great relationship with every single child, and he’s loads of fun, encouraging and extends those who need it so they develop greater skating ability.  No matter what the age of your child, they will learn loads, have tonnes of fun, make lots of friends and will love Chiggy and skateboarding!

Our boys can’t wait for their skate lesson each week and aspire to be like him in the future.  Thanks Chiggy – you’re a legend!

Nicole Wykes

Haylie started her skateboarding journey with Matt when she was 6 years old. Matt has a unique approach to teaching and has been a positive influence to Haylie. It is evident that Matt has a passion for skateboarding and is an inspiration to all that he encounters. Haylie has now been skateboarding for 6 years and is living and breathing the art of skateboarding that Matt has taught her. Thank You Matt.

Haylie Powell


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