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Mat Chigwidden is the proud and passionate owner and operator of Chiggy’s Skateboarding. He is a professional skateboard coach and has been operating Chiggy’s Skateboarding since 2013

“I started skateboarding in 1999. My family and I grew up on the Central Coast in New South Wales and I began to skate at the local park The Entrance. We moved to Coolum on the Sunshine Coast in 2003 and my parents built a house on property about 10 minutes from my new local Coolum Skate Park. A couple of year later, I was lucky enough to score a 14ft vert ramp from Billabong, used for demos around Australia. Looking back, I am so grateful; it would be every young skateboarders dream to have that wooden masterpiece right in your own backyard. Skateboarding has been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember and I have been lucky enough to have travelled the country and overseas skateboarding for fun and competing with enormous support from my sponsors, fellow skaters, family, partner and friends. Skateboarding has given me the most awesome opportunities to meet the coolest people and have the best time just skateboarding together.

In 2013 I was offered an opportunity with Skateboarding Australia to run free community skate clinics at skate parks across the Sunshine Coast. Until then, I hadn’t really thought of myself as a teacher but like a duck to water, I embraced the ability to share my passion with the youth of the Coast. From there my drive to share skateboarding with people grew. What started out as a private lesson here and there, brought me to a place where I was able to give up my day job and take my passion of teaching skateboarding full time and to the next level. And so for me the saying is true, if you spend every day doing what you love, you’ll never spend a day of your life working. Watching kids have fun, learn new tricks, make new friends, gain confidence and have an awesome time skateboarding is what Chiggy’s Skateboarding is all about.”


“Hi my name is Taniah Meyers but everyone knows me as ’T’.

I like to ride skateboards and rock & roll. I am 20 and I started skating back 2013 with my two best friends down at my local skate park in Coolum Beach. I enjoy going fast and grinding long. Backside Ollies are hands down my favourite trick to do anywhere. 

I have been lucky l enough to travel to different parts of the world competing in skateboarding contests, skating with some of the best skaters in the world. Some of my favourite countries that I have been to so far would have to be USA and Brazil. I mostly skate bowls and ramps but enjoy all parts of skating. 

Skating has given me the best opportunities, memories and life long friends. I am very grateful to be a part of the skating community and be around skating all the time. It’s crazy how much I love a piece of wood with a pair of trucks and four wheels. 

I believe that skating is one of the best sports in the world and is a great place to learn many life skills like persistence, perseverance and confidence all whilst having fun. I want to share the love for skateboarding around and pass on my skate knowledge to the younger generation.” 


“Hey I’m Kea. I’ve grown up on the Sunshine Coast and I am very passionate about skateboarding.

I started skating back when I was younger as a way of getting to and from places but more recently, in the past few years I have started to challenge myself to learn to ride ramps and bowls.

I love how encouraging skating is and no matter what age or level you might be at, you are always motivated to keep going by others. Skateboarding has taught me so much about myself and has given me life-long friends and as well as life-long lessons!

I love seeing the look on a person’s face when they land a trick- or watching someone’s first drop in… to me that has to be one of the best feelings and I love being able to show people their potential and see the stoke on their faces when they realise it!”



“Hi my name is Mikayla but you can call me Mik. Two of my favourite things are skateboarding and having fun. I am 17 years old and I have been skating for 4 years, enjoying skating bowl and park.

Skateboarding has given me lots of opportunities, friends, and awesome experiences. Not only that, I have gained so much self-confidence through perseverance and persistence as well as practice!

I love to share my skate knowledge with the community and I can’t wait to share it with you too!”



Jack is an experienced skateboarder with over 8 years of experience in coaching. Jack has coached independently, as a coach and counselor at Camp Woodward PA, and as a coach for Chiggy’s Skateboarding. As a skater, surfer and snowboarder, Jack likes to focus on how the three not only compare to each other but also work together. Jack is super happy to coach skateboarders of all ages and experience levels.



Hello, my name is Jakeb Clark, I grew up skateboarding all over the Sunshine Coast,
I got my first board when I was 12 and from that day that was it. Skateboarding was all I wanted to do all day everyday.

I was born here on the coast and started skating at my local park which was Coolum Beach. I skated all through high school picking up other interests along the way but the skateboard was always number 1.

After university I took some time to live and work in the snow so that I could learn to snowboard better, which actually improved my skateboarding more.

It is more than just a sport though skateboarding is an outlet, it is a place for anyone to join in and have a go, it does not discriminate and accepts people of all ages and skill levels. It made me more confident in myself and taught me valuable lessons about believing in yourself and reaching a goal you set for yourself, which I could then apply to my real life also.

I am excited to be able to pass on my knowledge to my peers and to the next generation they that they can progress skateboarding further. 



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